Fli-Rite Productions was founded in the state of North Carolina on November 9, 2006 as a multi-media visual arts production company for the entertainment and education of its audiences.

Fli-Rite Learning is the educational component of the company which provides Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students curriculum-based, educationally significant programs. Fli-Rite Learning’s programs are guaranteed to make your school assembly, library summer reading program, motivational program, science night, math night, family literacy night, or reading reward program a success.

Its programs will inspire children to read, write, and explore their world through the library.


T. J. Shimeld works to make your experience with Fli-Rite Learning enjoyable and is committed to make your program a success.

T. J. Shimeld has been a professional theatrical performer since age eleven, creating, directing, and starring in his own programs across New England and in the Southeast. As a teenager he published his own periodical, FizBin – An Independent Magazine for and by the Young Magician. His articles on magic and its history have appeared in MAGIC Magazine, The Linking Ring, and The Magic SYMbol. While studying clinical psychology at Tufts University, Shimeld wrote Walter B. Gibson and The Shadow, published by McFarland Publishing. As a certified teacher in Massachusetts, Shimeld taught Kindergarten through Fifth Grade while working towards his Masters of Education. He currently is the Ring reports and Ring events editor of The Linking Ring, accepting world-wide submissions from chapters of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.