Once Upon My Time (Writing Program)

Creativity is the key that unlocks a successful and fulfilling life.  Join Wendal Wandell in the curriculum-based programOnce Upon My Time, in which students are exposed to the writing process of a published author, and how to do it for themselves.  Wendal then walks the children through the creative process with many surprises and antics along the way.

The exciting program combines puppetry, juggling, theatric expression, and magical moments, to inspire children to write their own life stories and explore their own creative worlds.  Wendal Wandell shares some of his favorite books and biographies of the authors behind them to inspire children to see the events in their own lives as the beginnings of a wonder world all their own that can be expressed through the arts.



Again, We Begin Again (Winter Program)

This program finds the beloved Wendal Wandell magically traveling the world through books to explore the ceremonies and festivals of winter, the closing of one year, and the beginning anew.

With the foundation of geography and cultural diversity, Wendal explores everything from the Winter Solstice to Kwanza, from the western New Year to the Chinese New Year, as well as the calendar and the seasons.

“The Fli Rite Learning program was fun, educational and imaginative.  Wendal Wandell’s theatrical flare kept the entire audience entertained.  This program far exceeded my expectations and I plan to re-schedule for next summer.”
– Fran Benninger, Pamlico County Library, Bayboro, North Carolina



Make a Splash in the Past (History Program)

Wendal Wandell takes your children back in time to share the history of the Southeast. The program was inspired by Mimi’s and Wendal’s trips to historical places. Using children’s literature along with period games, magic, music, and costumes, children learn about the impact individuals have had on history. Themes covered in the program include inventionscivil rights, book and peace awards, the colonial eraflightexploration,politics, the Civil War, and leadership all to get the children to consider how they can make a splash in history. 



Dig into the Past (Simple Machines Program)


How did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids without modern technology? Simple! Or at least the machines were.  Join educator T.J. Shimeld as he becomes the Wordsmith of Wonder, Wendal Wandell, to explore ancient Egypt, thefive simple machines, andmathematics. WendalWandell brings books to life with glorious costumes, magic, puppetry, and hands-on demonstrations to get kids excited about how books can transport us across time and space.



One World – Your World: 
The Many Ways You Can Help (Recycling Program)

Your children will learn to take better care of their environment as they learn the principles of magic of transformation and restoration. They will become recycling magicians to help Wendal Wandell clean up theNaunie Naunie Woods.

The program created in association with Yale University’s Recycling Coordinator, weaves the wonder of puppetry, magic, and inspirational books to show the many ways students can help save the world.


Live Your Dreams (Self-esteem Program)

Author, teacher, and theatrical performer T.J. Shimeld becomes Wendal Wandell, the Wordsmith of Wonder, to inspire children to explore themselves and their world at the library. Live Your Dreams is a reading program about self-esteemtolerance, and the discovery of unlikely heroes. Based on his work with his non-profit, The Vanishing Wheelchair, and his latest book, Tricky D. Bunn (a touching story of the magical friendship between a boy and a rabbit with disabilities), Wendal shows children how to see each other and themselves through loving eyes, to see the hero in each other, and to not judge a book by its cover.



The Principles of Magic (Wonder Workshop in Magic)

This is an hour-long, intensive workshop in the seven principles of magic at which middle-school and high-school aged children will learnmake, and perform some of the basic magic tricks that are the foundation of the secrets of magic.

“Excellent program with great magic and fun for all.  Very interactive, full of surprises.”
– Jean Closz, Blount County Public Library, Maryville, Tennessee



Juggling Gestures (Wonder Workshop in Juggling)

This is a hands-on, hour-long workshop on thebasics of three-ball juggling, with demonstrations of tips and techniques of several simple and advanced tricks geared towardchildren in middle school, high school, and their families.

“Fun, entertaining creative program for all ages.”
– Marcia Cleland, Pratt Library, Ridgeland, South Carolina