$280 for the first program, $180 each additional program (same day, same program). Travel fees may apply (see below).

Full-Day Programs: 3 to 5 presentations.

Half-Day Programs1 to 2 presentations.

After-School Programs: 1 presentation.



$280 for the first program, $180 each additional program (same day, same program or YA program). Travel fees waived for most public libraries.

Summer Library Programs: a themed presentation to the State Library Reading program that promotes reading in a fun way. Pay only $180 for each additional presentation (same program or a YA program the same day and same location).

YA Programs ($280):  hour long, intensive workshops for the Young Adult.  Pay only $180 for each additional workshop (same workshop the same day and same location).



Our travel fees are based on travel time. We use Map Quest as a reference. To find out your zone, use 1129 Allman Ridge Road, Morganton, NC 28655 as a starting address.

Zone 1 (up to 1 hour): No travel fee

Zone 2 (1 -2 hours): $50  Fee waived with 1 full-day. 

Zone 3 (2 – 3 hours): $100  Fee waived with 1 and a half days.

Zone 4 (3 or more hours): $250  Fee waived with 2  Full days booking.

Over 5 hours of travel time, call for pricing.

Block booking can save everyone on mileage fees, send an e-mail to others in your area to book as a group. Mileage fees are waived for most libraries.

Book a program in August or September and save 10%.

Reserve your dates with no contract obligations or deposits. Fees are collected on or within 30 days after performance date. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Each reading program promotes other academic areas so funding may be shared among organizations:
• School Library funds
• Public Library funds
• Friends of the Library
• Book Fair money
• Principals (local funds)
• Arts Councils
• Specific Departments (Science Department, Math Department, etc.)
• Private companies
• Counselors

“Having Fli-Rite at our library was a wonderful success.  The incorporation of magic and storytelling really inspired the children to read.  They did a wonderful job at promoting reading and this year’s summer reading theme “Be Creative.”  I would love to have them back as a kickoff program to get the summer off to a strong start!”
– Gretchen Parker, King Library, King, North Carolina