Program Descriptions

Full-Day Programs: 3 to 5 presentations of the same program for small groups to optimize learning. Conveniently works around lunch schedule since small groups can be held in the media center. Split a full day of the same program with another school (2 presentations at each) and both schools save (each school invoiced separately).

Half-Day Programs: 1 to 2 presentations of the same program to be tailored to K-2 in one presentation and 3-5 in the second.

After-School Programs: 1 presentation after school hours but before 6 p.m. of the same program presented on that date in your area.

Evening Programs: a different presentation (if desired) after 6 p.m. than what was presented at your school the same day. Helps promote book fairs, award programs, and PTA/PTO meetings. Available to other local schools if a program is presented the same day.

Summer Library Programs: a themed presentation to the State Library Reading program that promotes reading in a fun way. Discount for each additional presentation (same program or a YA program the same day and same location).

YA Programs: hour long, intensive workshops for the Young Adult.  Discount for each additional workshop (same workshop the same day and same location).


Travel fees are based on travel time. Map Quest is used as a reference. To find out your zone, use 1129 Allman Ridge Road, Morganton, NC 28655 as a starting address.

Zone 1: (up to 1 hour): $50.00 Fee waived with 1 full-day booking.

Zone 2: (1 -2 hours): $150.00 Fee waived with 1 & 1/2 full-days booking.

Zone 3: (2 – 3 hours): $250.00 Fee waived with 2 full-days booking.

Zone 4: (3 or more hours): $350.00 Fee waived with 2 & 1/2 full-days booking.

Over 5 hours of travel time, call for pricing.

“Great library advocate! […] Very pleasant to work with!!! Thank you!”

– Cindy McGeorge, Middlesboro-Bell County Public Library, Middlesboro, Kentucky