Fli-Rite Announces 2020 Summer Reading Program!

Fli-Rite Announces 2020 Summer Reading Program!
October 7, 2019 Comments Off on Fli-Rite Announces 2020 Summer Reading Program! blog fliritelearning

T.J. Shimeld is renewing his original Summer Reading Program, “Once Upon My Time” for the summer of 2020’s theme of “Imagine Your Story.”

What better connection than a program designed to help children discover themselves and become authors of their own life story? In the original program, children explore various talents and professions with the wise wordsmith of wonder, Wendal Wandell, to discover their passions in life. Mr. Wandell encourages children to write their own stories, and embrace what makes them unique individuals.

Working with story-teller Vixi Jil Glenn, Shimeld is weaving a further story line into this program, integrating beloved story tales of fantasy, and how they teach us and aid us in dreaming big. “I’m excited to be working with Vixi,” Shimeld smiles. “She is a master of Appalachian Jack tales, and a true creator of magic with her words. We can’t wait to bring this magic to children this summer!”

Reserve your date now, before January 1, and get next summer’s program at this summer’s price!